The Redemption Team


Name: Sam

Position: Fashion Merchandising Manager

“I am from Indianapolis and I grew up on the west side. I am going to be a senior at Ball State     University. I’ve always been interested in Fashion. I love mixing up my style and trying new  things. I love styling, doing visual displays, and anything where I get to be creative! I’m a really laid back person who loves meeting new people and traveling. I hope to move to Chicago when I graduate. I’m so excited to start my internship at Redemption. I’ts going to be really great experience and an awesome summer!”

– Sam





Name: Stacey

Position: Fashion Merchandising Manager

“I am a Senior at Ball State University. I will be graduating in July. I will have completed my bachelors degree in 3 years. Fashion is my passion. you will always find me shopping somewhere. In my spare time, I love to blog and vlog about make up and clothes. In my future, I want to continue blogging and doing some form of social media for a clothing brand along with some form of visual merchandising.”

– Stacey






Name: Abby

Position: Marketing Manager

“I am a senior at Ball State University with an advertising major with a minor in marketing. I am also taking several courses to earn a certificate in journalistic visualization. I am a very friendly and outgoing person who likes to meet new people. I’m not sure where I see myself after graduation, but I’m up for anything life throws my way!”

– Abby






Name: Katie

Position: Fashion Merchandising & Apparel Design Manager

“As a senior at Ball State University, I will have 2 fashion degrees completed in May of 2014. I have a unique sense of style, which I love applying to the techniques of visual merchandising and fashion design. I am obsessed with vintage & recycled garments. In my off time, you’re likely to find me at the nearest Goodwill! Like Amber, I dream of opening my own boutique with thrifted items & my own designs.”

– Katie






Name: Alex

Position: Photographer

“I love to travel and want to eventually visit every continent.  I also enjoy collecting antiques, and shopping around to showcase my own personal and unique style.  Usually I like to incorporate pieces from my travels with vintage pieces combined together with new pieces. This summer I cannot wait to create concept shoots in the eclectic Broad Ripple area, as well as get to work with so many other great interns to create collaborative projects.”

– Alex






Name: Laura

Position: Public Relations Manager

“I am a senior at Ball State University graduating in spring 2014! I grew up in Greenwood, and went to Center Grove High School. I love my major because social media and the way it is evolving constantly, and the event planning aspect of PR. With such a variety of directions, I could really do anything with PR, and that’s one of the main reasons I chose this field! My “I can dream” job is to be a Disney princess, but I’d also like to maybe plan weddings, or do PR for a fashion magazine someday!”

– Laura






Name: Traci

Position: Photographer

“I am a senior at University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I have been into photography for seven years now doing work for musicians, models, and working with horse events. I also love fashion, I feel like it is a way to express yourself in your everyday life. What draws me to photographing fashion is being able to work with models. I am enjoying my internship with Redemption and getting to experience a different part of the US. After graduation I am not sure where I would like to go yet, but I will most likely be doing freelance working, giving me the opportunity to travel.”

– Traci


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