DIY Sequin Elbow Patches

Hello Redemption Style readers!

Do you have a sweater that needs a little sequin therapy? Well we have the perfect solution for you and your plain sweater! The blog called “In The Fashion Loop” has a simple tutorial on how to make and sew sequin elbow patches onto a sweater to make it more vintage inspired, while still being trendy! Check it out here:

sequinelbows        sequinelbows_2

sequinelbows_3         sequinelbows_4

Love that tutorial? You can see more on the “In The Fashion Loop” blog, and on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest!

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Vinyl Vintage Lookbook

Hello Redemption readers!

Last week, we told you about our photo shoot we were having at Indy CD & Vinyl! The shoot went great, and we got so many awesome shots that show off our brand new vintage items! Below is a photo linking to our new vintage lookbook, so you definitely need to check it out!


We love Indy CD & Vinyl, and we want to thank them so much for letting us shoot there!

Look at the rest of the shoot photos in our lookbook on our website now!

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❤ the Redemption team

P.S. Don’t forget that today is FASHION FIX FRIDAY! All dresses are 20% off today!


Must Visit: Indy CD & Vinyl

Indy CD & Vinyl is a definite MUST VISIT location for anyone coming to Broad Ripple. If you love vintage style as much as we do, you need to go see the great CD and vinyl record collection at Indy CD & Vinyl.

Being the “largest independent store selling both new and used CDs and vinyl” records, they moved to Indianapolis from Salt Lake City in 2001. Owner Rick Zeigler has a knowledgeable and approachable staff working with him to answer any and all questions you may have while shopping.

Indy CD & Vinyl has a diverse collection of music to choose from:

  • Indie Rock
  • Jazz
  • Classical
  • Soundtracks
  • Country
  • Hip-Hop
  • And so much more!

We were privileged to have shot our most recent photo shoot there, and we loved being in such a great environment for the afternoon!

Here is a sneak peek from our photo shoot  that was shot at the eclectic shop last week…stay tuned for a full release of our Vintage Vinyl Lookbook, which will be released next week!

IndyCDVinyl                                 recordshoot10


Indy CD & Vinyl is located at 806 Broad Ripple Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46220.

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Throwback Thursday: Vintage Photo Shoot

The team at Redemption has been working hard to decide a new theme for our next photo shoot. We have a model lined up, concept pages done, and a location picked out! Since today is a throwback kind of day, we thought we would give you a special exclusive into our throwback photo shoot idea!

Our model Katie has been shopping the thrifty girl’s dream for this shoot. Here are a few of the things she has picked out on her vintage shopping spree!

Rocking the vintage look, our shoot will take place in a vintage location in Broad Ripple. Here are a few clues to where our shoot will be:


Can you guess where Redemption is going?! If so, comment below! We would also love to hear your summer vintage ideas:

  • What is you favorite thrift shop?
  • What comeback styles do you love most from secondhand stores?

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Spring Photo Shoot!

If there’s one this Redemption loves, its a photo shoot!  Showcasing some of the hottest new trends and the talents of our wonderful interns, photographer, and model made this years Spring photo shoot one of the best to date.  Shout out to Caitlin Wash (model), Cody Ebbeler (photography), Jasmine Dickerson (makeup), Allyson Brooks (stylist), and Bailey Land (stylist) for all their hard work!  So whether your Pretty in Pastels, Lovely in Lace, Darling in Denim, or Beautifully Bold, you will be sure to impress this Spring season.  Enjoy!






Featured on the Style Segment!


This week Redemption Boutique was spotlighted on The Style Segment hosted by Jessika Mae! We feel so honored to be featured and love that people all over the world have the chance to understand what it really means to have Redemption Style.

Check out The Style Segment YouTube channel and have a little “unboxing” party of your own —

Thank you Jessika!

Christmas Garland

For our final Christmas DIY we created garland out of upcycled sweaters.  We used four sweaters from Goodwill in holiday colors (two cable knit and two argyle), along with paper shape templates and yarn.  You will also need a needle and thread.photo_11_large

First, we found paper templates of a star, candy cane, and Christmas tree via Google and used Photoshop to size them.  Then, we created our own flag template with a ruler and some paper.  The shapes can be as small or large as you want them, but we went with each one being about 3″ tall.  Use the paper templates to cut out your sweaters in the various shapes.  We didn’t really plan how many of each shape and color, since we wanted a more organic look.  Our only stipulation was that we needed twice as many flags, since they were going in between each shape.


Once we had finally cut out all of our shapes (there were around 50 for all of the garland we wanted), we measured how big each strand needed to be.  We didn’t measure or anything, just kind of eyeballed it.  After cutting the correct size, we placed our shapes along the yarn while trying to make them uniformly spaced and having a relatively even amount of each shape/color.  Finally, we just stitched each flag onto the yarn one or two times to keep it stable.


That’s it!  This easy DIY only took an afternoon, but brings so much cheer to the store!  If you try this DIY yourself, make sure to share it with us on Facebook and Twitter!  Happy Holidays!