Bold Eyeliner…Is it a thing now?

Every fashion choice is a new adventure. It doesn’t matter if you’re glamming it up with a lace dress and classic black peep toe pumps or going vintage rocker with a pair of cuffed boyfriend jeans, a Forever 21 v-neck and your grandfather’s old vest. Each fashion statement is trying something new, potentially breaking the “Anna Wintour” rules, and represents who you are as a person. In my defense, make up works much the same way. Personally, I keep it simple with foundation and my trusty mascara wand, but make up seems to be a way women are choosing to express themselves. So when you think of colored eyeliner, what do you think?


We just got used the smokey eye and the cat eye, so why not experiment more with a little color. Colored eyeliner can really create that “wow” in your look. People won’t be looking at your shoes or your statement necklace at your collar bone line, no they’ll be looking at what matters, you. Or specifically, your eyes. They won’t just be looking, they will be drawn. It’s possible to wear colored eyeliner, without going anywhere specific. It’s not just a look meant for special night out, but feel free to try out the trend at work, going to buy groceries or for a night out with your best girlfriends.


For a softer look, try just applying the eyeliner under your bottom lashes and on your eyelids. Soften the liner by applying a small amount of eye shadow over the liner. Still create the color, but present a more smooth and blended feel. Diana Agron and Oliva Wilde both have colored eye liner on the bottom lashes and have neutral color, such as brown or a gray, on top.


For a dramatic and bold look, do be afraid to use the liner on your lids.

Bold liner shows off a confident and bold women. It’s important to not get carried away with color. I know makeup can be very fun to experiment with, but for this look, it’s important to stick with one color and work your whole outfit around it.

You want to choose the right colored liner to bring out your eyes.

It your have warm brown eyes, opt for cool colors that will bring out that warm hue. Olive green or grays are perfect. They will make your eyes appear lighter, but will still hold in that warm tone.

For light brown, hazel, or green eyes, it’s important to draw out those wonderful green flecks in your eyes. Try out a deep violet to draw out that brilliant green color and make your eyes brighter.

Blue eyes are so beautiful on their own. With colored liner, you just want to add to that beauty. Don’t worry about going crazy with color, complement your light eyes with something simple, like a navy blue or a warm copper to contrast the coolness of your eyes.


Because your eyes are now so alluring with your wonderful liner, it’s important to not over-do your outfit. You don’t want to add to your turquoise eyeliner with a bright multi patterned maxi dress and a fabulous red lip. No, people wouldn’t know where to look. Keep your look simple. Make use of your classic black and white outfits, use a minimal amount of patterns and create a subtle beauty so that your eyes have room to really make an impression and show your beauty.

Remember that colored eyeliner or beautifully detailed clothing choices are just mechanisms to further enhance your beauty. You already have everything you need to feel beautiful inside and out. Your eyes are proof of that.

Much Love,

– Camille Sarabia


It’s That Time: Fall Fashion!

Hi there Redemption Readers!

We hope your Labor Day was filled with lots of fun! Anyone have any exciting stories??? We would love to hear all about it.

Well, as you were enjoying your three-day weekend, barbecuing and soaking up the remainder of summer’s sun we have entered into September. You know what that means: Fall Fashion!

We have compiled a list of five key items you must have for the fall of 2013. Complete with loose and light fabrics, these items are a blend of summer and winter, bringing you a warm yet breezy introduction to the best fall ever.

1. Long Sweaters


Long sweaters are worn for two reasons: for warmth and to add something extra to your look. If your leaving your house around 7 or 8 a.m. it still may be a little chilly outside, but not nearly cold enough for a jacket or thick sweater. Long sweaters fulfill brief fall chill, but they also do something else that is infinitely more important, they add dimension to your look. I always look for a little something extra to add to my outfit. If I’m wearing a dress or a cute pair of shorts, I may add a sheer shirt that buttons down and wear it as a fall jacket or use a light flannel and then take these off later on in the day. They exist to amuse the eyes, to add stature and lengthen your look and are every bit of cuteness. Wear them simple or use a cute belt to tie it. Long Sweaters spark up the outfit and deliver a cuter your for the day.

Tip: Pair it with gladiator sandals or a pair of cute ankle boots

2. Printed Pants:


Printed pants are the talk of 2013. Worn high-waisted, hanging just above your ankles or as loose billowy pants, these printed pants are fun, high-fashion and a form of daring that can never be taken the wrong way. But you must be careful not to go too crazy with them. “With great power comes great responsibility” and these pants definitely command power. Be sure to reign in everything else. Keep your top, jewelry, make up and shoe color choice simple as your pants, and believe me that’s enough, will be the talk of town. Keep your top slimming. Present a balance. For instance, if your pants are slimming or skinny, a billowy or slim top will do, but if you are wearing bottoms with more volume, lower the effects of the top.

Tip: Pair cigarette styled printed pants with stilettos or flats, they cuff above your ankles. Bohemian styled printed pants are a little easier to work with, more casual. They can be paired with a cute toffee or black wedges or a cute sandals.

3. Leather Jackets


Let me just say that I am a huge fans of leather jackets, but here in Indiana, there is a small window to wear them. In the winter we are covered up with so many layers that we loose count and in the summer, well no one wants to be wearing anything with the word “jacket” in it. Fall is the perfect time to unleash the “leather.” Whether you are going for the rocker look or trendy look, leather will do you justice. Because leather jackets are so fierce on their own, I love pairing them with something simple and sweet. Try a summer dress, a maxi skirt with a belt or even your cute printed floral pants.

Tip: The color of your leather jacket means a great deal. Black is more rocker and fierce, red and blue are statement colors, so they should only be worn with softer and neutral colors and toffee leather jackets are great blenders that work well when wanting to bring the “sweet yet edgy” appeal.

4. Ankle Booties


The great thing about ankle booties is that they are universal in footwear. They don’t draw too much attention that say, “what is this girl thinking wearing heels to the supermarket?”, but they also give you enough attention that boosts your outfit. They are not fully high boots, helping you avoid too hot, but they clearly achieve looking chic, fresh and like a person who knows exactly what she’s doing. With so many different styles, it’s hard to choose from. They vary in leather or suede and change from black to brown to tan to toffee, green or whatever color you can think of. I would most likely go with a 1 to 2″ heel that is not too showy, in order to be worn with a pair of cuffed jeans, but one that also does its job by saying, “yes I can pull off heels!”

Tip: Ankle booties are essentially just a little bit of material with a heel that reaches up to your ankle. Because they can generally be chunky, be sure to keep your torso slim. That means pair them with skinny jeans or a pair of tight and keep something fun on top.

5. Fall Scarves


Scarves must be one of my favorite accessories, right up there with belts. Let this be known that these are not the wool scarves you wear in winter time. They are usually made of sheer fabric or thin cotton, but the cool thing about these scarves is how you wear them. I especially have fun with this part. You can wrap them around neck, I like tying them in a bow, or twist them into something creative. Try to use printed scarf, full of color and pattern, that can take a simple 6 rated look and turn it into a stunning 10!

Tip: Watch this video to learn how to style your scarf:

*Most of these items were found by browsing through Pinterest. However, the long floral scarf featured is currently for sale at

Remember: Fall Fashion is what you make of it. Whether it’s flirty, fun, edgy or romantic, make it every bit of you!

Here’s to a better day & a better you!!

– the Redemption Team

& Camille Sarabia

Team Testimonials!

Hello everyone!

We just wanted to stop in and share with you what a great summer we had here at Redemption! Our team this summer has been very important with all the changes we’re going through, and we wanted to hear straight from them about their experience! Below are a few testimonials from team members about their summer here! Enjoy!

Alex Alex (Photographer):

“My summer internship with Redemption was nothing short of amazing! Going in, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but through this opportunity I have made such great friends, and expanded my network! It was great to work in a group setting where ideas could be shared with other interns that have different experiences, and being able to give them feedback from my perspective as well. Overall, my favorite part of this experience was seeing a photo shoot from planning, to execution, to final product, and that all the hard work paid off! My one piece of advice to possible applicants is to keep an open mind – I never thought I would consider product photography, but after this internship, it is one of the key positions I’m looking at for after graduation!”

LauraCoffeyJobPhoto Laura (PR/Brand Manager):

“During this summer at Redemption, I have learned so much! Getting experience in many different areas of PR was not what I was expecting, so I am very grateful that I found Redemption! Definitely a fun environment to work in, and what’s even better is that I came out with some great friends! I can’t wait to see what opportunities open up for me after completing this internship. My favorite part of working here probably is that I had such a well-rounded experience, and that’s what you should look forward to as well if you’re applying to work here!”

Screen shot 2013-08-09 at 11.52.50 AM Katie (Fashion Design/Merchandising Manager):

“This summer, I had quite the experience at Redemption! Since I had two internship positions, I would do two days of design work, and two days of merchandising a week! It was great to get experience in both areas of fashion in such an eclectic environment. I have grown to love the Broad Ripple area, and the ‘shop local’ aspect! Although all the interns worked in different departments, our collaborative effort has created a great friendship! I’m grateful for the experience, and all that I’ve learned here!”

If you want to inquire about internship opportunities, contact Amber Huber at!

❤ the Redemption team