Team Testimonials!

Hello everyone!

We just wanted to stop in and share with you what a great summer we had here at Redemption! Our team this summer has been very important with all the changes we’re going through, and we wanted to hear straight from them about their experience! Below are a few testimonials from team members about their summer here! Enjoy!

Alex Alex (Photographer):

“My summer internship with Redemption was nothing short of amazing! Going in, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but through this opportunity I have made such great friends, and expanded my network! It was great to work in a group setting where ideas could be shared with other interns that have different experiences, and being able to give them feedback from my perspective as well. Overall, my favorite part of this experience was seeing a photo shoot from planning, to execution, to final product, and that all the hard work paid off! My one piece of advice to possible applicants is to keep an open mind – I never thought I would consider product photography, but after this internship, it is one of the key positions I’m looking at for after graduation!”

LauraCoffeyJobPhoto Laura (PR/Brand Manager):

“During this summer at Redemption, I have learned so much! Getting experience in many different areas of PR was not what I was expecting, so I am very grateful that I found Redemption! Definitely a fun environment to work in, and what’s even better is that I came out with some great friends! I can’t wait to see what opportunities open up for me after completing this internship. My favorite part of working here probably is that I had such a well-rounded experience, and that’s what you should look forward to as well if you’re applying to work here!”

Screen shot 2013-08-09 at 11.52.50 AM Katie (Fashion Design/Merchandising Manager):

“This summer, I had quite the experience at Redemption! Since I had two internship positions, I would do two days of design work, and two days of merchandising a week! It was great to get experience in both areas of fashion in such an eclectic environment. I have grown to love the Broad Ripple area, and the ‘shop local’ aspect! Although all the interns worked in different departments, our collaborative effort has created a great friendship! I’m grateful for the experience, and all that I’ve learned here!”

If you want to inquire about internship opportunities, contact Amber Huber at!

❤ the Redemption team


All the Updates in One!

Hi Redemption readers!

We just wanted to give you a few fun reminders happening for us right now! We are going through so many great changes, and we definitely want to keep you all in the loop!

We’re still in 8th place for Indy A-List, but don’t worry!! We can still rise to the top with 16 days left! If you’ve already voted, that’s great! Thanks a lot for all your help! If not, go create your FREE account on Indy A-List’s website, and vote us for “Best Women’s Boutique” under the “Fashion” category!


Broad Ripple’s Annual Sidewalk Sale is on SUNDAY! We’re so excited to work with the store that’s taking our space in the Redemption house, Deitease! Sylvia is so excited to meet all of you awesome people, so come on over to Broad Ripple and see us from 9am-2pm!

Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 2.14.20 PM

Lastly, we want to remind everyone that Redemption is not closed forever! We’re just moving next door! Owner Amber is going to be scheduling private parties and consultations via email from now on, so shoot her an email at to schedule yours today!

Thank you all again for your love and support, and we look forward to see what Sylvia does with the space, and her store Deitease, and what the private parties will allow us to do for you, our wonderful customers and friends!

❤ the Redemption team!

Boutique of the Week: Deitease!

Hello all!

Since Redemption is moving next door in the Redemption house to focus on private consultations, we won’t be in our usual store space anymore! That sounds sad, but here’s the good news: a new boutique is moving in! That space is going to our good friend in retail, Sylvia Innie! She has a fantastic boutique called Deitease, and we can’t wait for you to see it!

We love the clothes at Deitease, and we know you will too! Everything from bandeaus to dresses, rompers to heels, Sylvia’s got it all! She’ll be open tomorrow at 11am, but her grand opening event will be on August 22, 2013! So look out for that!

Deitease will also be participating in the Broad Ripple Sidewalk Sale with Redemption on Sunday, so be sure to come take a peek at what Sylvia’s boutique has to offer from 9am-2pm!

Make sure and follow all things Deitease on Facebook, as well as visiting their website!

❤ the Redemption team

P.S. Redemption is NOT closing!! We are just moving next door in the Redemption house! Amber, owner of Redemption, will be doing private parties and scheduled consultations from now on, so schedule yours by emailing today, and you can also visit our online store!

Broad Ripple Sidewalk Sale

Hi everybody!

We are excited to tell you that the annual Broad Ripple Sidewalk Sale is this Friday from 9am-2pm! Redemption, along with other Broad Ripple favorites like Lucky B, Utterly Pink, Girly Chic and many more, are going to participate in the sale this year!

The annual Broad Ripple Sidewalk Sale allows owners to showcase their stores while offering great sales to customers! Redemption will be doing a buy one, get one 50% off all regularly priced items in the store that day!

Make sure you come and see us on August 2 from 9am-2pm, and go check out what other stores have to offer as well! We love being a part of this eclectic community, and we hope to see you here enjoying the day with us!

Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 2.14.20 PM

❤ the Redemption Team

Indy A-List Update

Hello all!

We just wanted to update you on our position in the race for Best Women’s Boutique on Indy A-List! Although we’re in 8th place right now, it’s not too late!! We have 23 days left, so it’s your chance to help us to the top!

Just make your FREE account on Indy A-List’s website, click the “Browse Nominees” tab, choose “Women’s Boutique” under “Fashion,” and vote REDEMPTION!

You can only vote one time per category, so make your Best Women’s Boutique vote count, and vote for us! We thank you all for your support and votes so far! Keep voting, and vote Redemption!


❤ the Redemption team

New Lookbook for a New Brand!

Hello readers!

We have got quite the surprise for you – we are launching a NEW BRAND! It’s called Boho Pretty, and it will be official in August!

Another kicker…it’s MOBILE! Boho Pretty is a mobile boutique, and we are so excited to go on this journey! It will host cute, trendy bohemian-style clothing in a little decorated boho chic camper purchased and owned by Amber Davis, owner of Redemption, and her business partner Mary Krieger Miller.

We told you about a photo shoot at the horse stable, Taylor Turn Stable, and how it wasn’t going to be used for Redemption this time…it’s going to be used for Boho Pretty! We couldn’t wait to tell you all the good news! Here’s a few sneak peek photos from the shoot:

dress                      green

We also got some great video footage from behind the scenes that we thought you’d love to see, too! Watch the video below:

We can’t wait to share more with you about Boho Pretty, so follow our new brand on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the Boho Pretty blog! Look out for an email newsletter, if you’re signed up that is, coming soon! Thank you all for your support in this project, and we look forward to all the new adventures!

❤ the Redemption Team

Beauty Tip: No Makeup Look!

Hi readers!

We have a new beauty tip for you today! We were looking around on YouTube, and found Sephora’s makeup channel! Sephora is an amazing source for makeup and cosmetic supplies for any and all occasions! We love their great selection, and their YouTube channel full of beauty tips and tricks!

One of their videos really caught our eye today, and it is their tutorial on how to create a “no makeup” look! Watch the video below:

We loved that tutorial, didn’t you?! Want to see more from Sephora? Check out their YouTube channel, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more updates!

❤ the Redemption Team