Bold Eyeliner…Is it a thing now?

Every fashion choice is a new adventure. It doesn’t matter if you’re glamming it up with a lace dress and classic black peep toe pumps or going vintage rocker with a pair of cuffed boyfriend jeans, a Forever 21 v-neck and your grandfather’s old vest. Each fashion statement is trying something new, potentially breaking the “Anna Wintour” rules, and represents who you are as a person. In my defense, make up works much the same way. Personally, I keep it simple with foundation and my trusty mascara wand, but make up seems to be a way women are choosing to express themselves. So when you think of colored eyeliner, what do you think?


We just got used the smokey eye and the cat eye, so why not experiment more with a little color. Colored eyeliner can really create that “wow” in your look. People won’t be looking at your shoes or your statement necklace at your collar bone line, no they’ll be looking at what matters, you. Or specifically, your eyes. They won’t just be looking, they will be drawn. It’s possible to wear colored eyeliner, without going anywhere specific. It’s not just a look meant for special night out, but feel free to try out the trend at work, going to buy groceries or for a night out with your best girlfriends.


For a softer look, try just applying the eyeliner under your bottom lashes and on your eyelids. Soften the liner by applying a small amount of eye shadow over the liner. Still create the color, but present a more smooth and blended feel. Diana Agron and Oliva Wilde both have colored eye liner on the bottom lashes and have neutral color, such as brown or a gray, on top.


For a dramatic and bold look, do be afraid to use the liner on your lids.

Bold liner shows off a confident and bold women. It’s important to not get carried away with color. I know makeup can be very fun to experiment with, but for this look, it’s important to stick with one color and work your whole outfit around it.

You want to choose the right colored liner to bring out your eyes.

It your have warm brown eyes, opt for cool colors that will bring out that warm hue. Olive green or grays are perfect. They will make your eyes appear lighter, but will still hold in that warm tone.

For light brown, hazel, or green eyes, it’s important to draw out those wonderful green flecks in your eyes. Try out a deep violet to draw out that brilliant green color and make your eyes brighter.

Blue eyes are so beautiful on their own. With colored liner, you just want to add to that beauty. Don’t worry about going crazy with color, complement your light eyes with something simple, like a navy blue or a warm copper to contrast the coolness of your eyes.


Because your eyes are now so alluring with your wonderful liner, it’s important to not over-do your outfit. You don’t want to add to your turquoise eyeliner with a bright multi patterned maxi dress and a fabulous red lip. No, people wouldn’t know where to look. Keep your look simple. Make use of your classic black and white outfits, use a minimal amount of patterns and create a subtle beauty so that your eyes have room to really make an impression and show your beauty.

Remember that colored eyeliner or beautifully detailed clothing choices are just mechanisms to further enhance your beauty. You already have everything you need to feel beautiful inside and out. Your eyes are proof of that.

Much Love,

– Camille Sarabia