A Fall Introduction

Hello there fellow Redemption readers,

As the leaves change color, turning into a deep auburn or a rusted orange, and refreshing summer lemonade is replaced by endless cups of coffee to get your days going and running, we have decided to make a few changes with redemption as well.

New stock will be in representing the best of fall times, Redemption has started a new company Boho Pretty , check it out any time, and of course there is me.

My name is Camille Sarabia and I will be the new blogger for Redemption. Feel free to think of me as your guide through road of fashion, new exciting and daring trends, accessorizing, details and anything fashion forward. As a bonus, I will add in a little beauty tips, DIY’s and How To’s. So keep an eye out for your favorites.

First before we get started, I would like for you to know a little about me.


I am currently a college student, studying Magazine Journalism at Indiana University, trying to make my place in this world. That means rigorous classes, extensive homework and waking up and 7 a.m., which I’m sure many of you know plenty about.

However, writing and fashion is my creative outlet to escape. I am currently sitting outside on a wooden table under a red umbrella. It’s 9:13 a.m and I’m all set with my green tea and cute little iPad to do what I love best: write and write about fashion. Honestly, I’d rather not be anywhere else.

Here are a few facts about me:

1. I am not an athlete and have come to terms with that about myself.
2. I am 5′ tall and wear size 5 shoes.
3. I love anything vintage, bohemian, classy and original.
4. I have slight obsession with leather boots. I currently own 5 pairs.
5. I fell in love with fashion, clothing, designs and everything apart of it when I was fifteen, but I have since learned that is not the brands, the trends, or how you wear it that makes the look; it is you. It is your air of confidence, it is feeling good and beautiful in your own skin and it is taking charge to be that woman that you want to be.

Please let me know if you have any ideas that you would like for me to touch on. I welcome anything and everything. I can’t wait to start exploring the world of fashion and beauty will all of you.

Much Love,


& Camille Sarabia


Team Testimonials!

Hello everyone!

We just wanted to stop in and share with you what a great summer we had here at Redemption! Our team this summer has been very important with all the changes we’re going through, and we wanted to hear straight from them about their experience! Below are a few testimonials from team members about their summer here! Enjoy!

Alex Alex (Photographer):

“My summer internship with Redemption was nothing short of amazing! Going in, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, but through this opportunity I have made such great friends, and expanded my network! It was great to work in a group setting where ideas could be shared with other interns that have different experiences, and being able to give them feedback from my perspective as well. Overall, my favorite part of this experience was seeing a photo shoot from planning, to execution, to final product, and that all the hard work paid off! My one piece of advice to possible applicants is to keep an open mind – I never thought I would consider product photography, but after this internship, it is one of the key positions I’m looking at for after graduation!”

LauraCoffeyJobPhoto Laura (PR/Brand Manager):

“During this summer at Redemption, I have learned so much! Getting experience in many different areas of PR was not what I was expecting, so I am very grateful that I found Redemption! Definitely a fun environment to work in, and what’s even better is that I came out with some great friends! I can’t wait to see what opportunities open up for me after completing this internship. My favorite part of working here probably is that I had such a well-rounded experience, and that’s what you should look forward to as well if you’re applying to work here!”

Screen shot 2013-08-09 at 11.52.50 AM Katie (Fashion Design/Merchandising Manager):

“This summer, I had quite the experience at Redemption! Since I had two internship positions, I would do two days of design work, and two days of merchandising a week! It was great to get experience in both areas of fashion in such an eclectic environment. I have grown to love the Broad Ripple area, and the ‘shop local’ aspect! Although all the interns worked in different departments, our collaborative effort has created a great friendship! I’m grateful for the experience, and all that I’ve learned here!”

If you want to inquire about internship opportunities, contact Amber Huber at redemption.info@yahoo.com!

❤ the Redemption team

Welcome to the Team!

Redemption welcomes our new interns!

Each intern has chosen Redemption clothing that expresses their own personality and has written  a little something about herself.


Meet Meghan!

Major: Fashion Merchandising

I am a senior at Ball State University. I will be graduating in the spring of 2014. The reason why I want to be in the fashion industry is because it is a form of art and a form of expression. I wanted to be apart of that whether it be marketing the clothing line or picking out certain styles and patterns for product!I am outgoing and creative! I love to be active and live everyday to the fullest! My dream one day is just to simply leave my mark in the fashion industry in a positive way!


Meet Sam!

Major: Fashion Merchandising

I am from Indianapolis and I grew up on the west side. I am going to be a senior at Ball State University. I’ve always been interested in Fashion. I love mixing up my style and trying new things. I love styling, doing visual displays, and anything where I get to be creative! I’m a really laid back person who loves meeting new people and traveling. I hope to move to Chicago when I graduate. I’m so excited to start my internship at Redemption. I’ts going to be really great experience and an awesome summer!


Meet Stacey!

Major: Fashion Merchandising

I am a Senior at Ball State University. I will be graduating in July. I will have completed my bachelors degree in 3 years. Fashion is my passion. you will always find me shopping somewhere. In my spare time, I love to blog and vlog about make up and clothes. In my future, I want to continue blogging and doing some form of social media for a clothing brand along with some form of visual merchandising.


Meet Abby!

Major: Advertising

I am a senior at Ball State University with an advertising major with a minor in marketing. I am also taking several courses to earn a certificate in journalistic visualization. I am a very friendly and outgoing person who likes to meet new people. I’m not sure where I see myself after graduation, but I’m up for anything life throws my way!


Meet Katie!

Major: Apparel Design & Fashion Merchandising

As a senior at Ball State University, I will have 2 fashion degrees completed in May of 2014. I have a unique sense of style, which I love applying to the techniques of visual merchandising and fashion design. I am obsessed with vintage & recycled garments. In my off time, you’re likely to find me at the nearest Goodwill! Like Amber, I dream of opening my own boutique with thrifted items & my own designs.


Meet Alex!

Major: Photography at Purdue

I love to travel and want to eventually visit every continent.  I also enjoy collecting antiques, and shopping around to showcase my own personal and unique style.  Usually I like to incorporate pieces from my travels with vintage pieces combined together with new pieces.
This summer I cannot wait to create concept shoots in the eclectic Broad Ripple area, as well as get to work with so many other great interns to create collaborative projects.


Meet Laura!

Major: Public Relations

     I am a senior at Ball State University graduating in spring 2014! I grew up in Greenwood, and went to Center Grove High School. I love my major because social media and the way it is evolving constantly, and the event planning aspect of PR. With such a variety of directions, I could really do anything with PR, and that’s one of the main reasons I chose this field! My “I can dream” job is to be a Disney princess, but I’d also like to maybe plan weddings, or do PR for a fashion magazine someday!


Meet Traci!

Major: Photography

I am a senior at University of North Carolina at Greensboro. I have been into photography for seven years now doing work for musicians, models, and working with horse events. I also love fashion, I feel like it is a way to express yourself in your everyday life. What draws me to photographing fashion is being able to work with models. I am enjoying my internship with Redemption and getting to experience a different part of the US. After graduation I am not sure where I would like to go yet, but I will most likely be doing freelance working, giving me the opportunity to travel.


Shop the Interns picks at www.redemptionstyle.com. Let us know which is your favorite!

We are excited to work with our new talented, energetic group! Welcome to the Redemption team ladies!

Meet the New Interns!

The new year is here and we’ve got some fresh faces as our interns here at Redemption!


Today each intern was given the challenge to create an outfit with our products. Check out their bios and see which look is your favorite!



Hey I’m Chelsea! I’m currently the styling intern at Redemption and loving it here! I’m a Ball State Senior majoring in apparel design and excited for this upcoming Spring here at the boutique. Vote for my look of the day with this super fab faux fur vest from BB Dakota and bright pink top from Tulle!


Hey everyone! I’m Bailey, one of the new interns at Redemption. Here’s a look I put together that shows how to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring. Don’t have the pieces to complete this look? Come to Redemption and get this Tulle floral cardigan and BB Dakota maroon jeans for yourself! If you like my styling, please like the this post 🙂


Hey! I’m Marci! I’m one of the new merchandise interns here at Redemption. I’m now in my final year at Ball State majoring in Apparel Design and Fashion Merchandising. Vote for my look of the day with this sleek city chic coat from Tulle!