The Fragrance of Summer

Everyone knows what summer looks like. A warm afternoon soaking up the sun’s rays on the sandy beach, kids laughing and splashing in the water or eating a slice of watermelon while sitting under a picnic blanket with a straw hat on. It’s easy to picture summer, everyone dreams of it, but what does it smell like. Does it smell like a field of wildflowers, fresh slices of oranges or cucumber or does it smell daring and bold? Here are some of the hit scents for summer and together they represent the overall fragrance of the season.

  1. Vikor and Rolf Flower Bomb1
  2. Immerse yourself in a scent of a garden. Flower Bomb is mixed with Sambac jasmine, centifolia rose, cattleya orchid and ballerina freesia bloom, giving you a fresh romantic scent for summer sun.

    Where you can purchase it: Sephora
    Price: $155.00






  3. Philosophy Amazing Grace
  4. 2

    This scent brings out the natural scent of a woman: beauty and simplicity. With fresh scents of bergamot and muguet blossoms, Amazing Grace has the natural and fresh smell that every woman needs for her summer excursions.

    Where you can purchase it: Sephora
    Price: $16.00







  5. Marc Jacobs Daisy
  6. 3

    A single spritz, produces an instant burst on femininity and elegance. With a flick of your hair, the scent of a timeless floral bouquet of strawberry, violet, grapefruit, jasmine and gardenias are released.

    Where you can purchase it: Sephora
    Price: $75.00





  7. Bombshell Summer
  8. 4

    Victoria Secrets’ summer perfume is their fresh citrus twist on their classic seductive Bombshell. This scent combines what Victoria Secret calls “fresh energy of juicy grape, black currant and Lily of the Valley” and gives you a their exclusive scent for summer

    Where you can purchase it: Victoria Secret
    Price: $52.00






  9. Seacliff Beach Mist
  10. 5

    This scent provides a fresh smell of the sea. Infused with a crisp and addictive scent of nectarine, water lotus and vanilla, Seacliff is the romantic sweet scent of the ocean.

    Where you can purchase it: Hollister Co.
    Price: $12.00






  11. CK One Summer
  12. 6

    Calvin Klein brings their summer scent the only way they know how: with a highly addictive scent that you won’t be able to get enough of. It’s a mix of spicy citrus and a cooling watermelon and refreshing subtle hints of cucumber.

    Where you can purchase it: Calvin Klein
    Price: $52.00






  13. Endless Weekend
  14. 7

    This scent is a decadent mixture of heavenly summer tastes: Raspberry Lychee Sorbet, Sparkling Mandarin, Juicy Nectarine, Apple, Mirabelle Plum. It dips into a long last aroma of wonder.

    Where you can purchase it: Bath and Body Works
    Price: $39.50






  15. Big Pony Collection: RL Blue
  16. 8

    This scent is Ralph Lauren’s colorful, unique and spirited introduction to summer. Varying from scents, each of the four perfume range from romantic to dangerously wild. The RL Blue dazzles the wearer with the mix of sparkling grapefruit and lotus flower.

    Where you can purchase it: Ralph Lauren
    Price: $70.00







  17. Escada’s Born in Paradise
  18. 9

    Born in Paradise sparks the senses with it’s fresh and alluring touch of pineapple, watermelon and guava, blended together with soft and creamy coconut. Together it’s an island paradise.

    Where you can purchase it: Ulta
    Price: $59.00






  19. Salavatore Ferragamo’s Signorina Eleganza
  20. 10

    This scent is pure glamour to Salvatore Ferragamo. It’s elegant, romantic, rich and seductive, but what makes it perfect for summer is that it combines sweet, citrus and creamy all in one. It’s base of pear, grapefruit and almond powder are the perfect elixir.

    Where you can purchase it: Lord and Taylor
    Price: $109.00






Indulge in your favorite scent this summer.


– Camille Sarabia


Top 5 Must Needed Items for Winter

Hi there Redemption readers,

The winter weather has not been fair to us this year.  It seems as if, once we get a day warmer than 30 degrees, yes that is now what we equate to warmness, it suddenly hits 15 or lower again.  Once the snow starts to melt, the next day, it will start snowing again.  So how to you survive this never-ending reign of frigid cold weather and still stay fashionable at the same time?  Is there a way?  Here are five key items that you need to survive winter and still look great while doing it.

Here’s How…

1. Pea CoatsImage

There’s no classier way to commemorate the winter than with a very stylish pea coat.  Yes, long puffers are wool capes are now emerging, but nothing can beat the traditional pea coat.  There are just so many to choose from: short, mid-length, black, double breasted, bright red or yellow, plaid and more.  There’s a pea coat for every style.  Whether you are the traditional double breasted pea coat type of girl, the edgy rocker girl who would opt towards a pea coat with leather panels or sleeves or the sweet romantic girl who would most likely wear a coat with a simple peter pan collar and cute little pockets, this jacket is just for you.  And if you think the coat is the best part, wait until you reveal you cute outfit underneath.

2. BeretsImageWhy wear a beanie that doesn’t exactly work well with your leather boots and wool pea coat, when you can go for a much more elegant take on winter head coverings?  Berets are stylish little caps that keep your ears warm and you look still classy.  Grab them in assorted colors for any winter occasion.

3. Blanket Scarvesblanket scarfBlanket scarves are a must-have for this winter season.  Instead of light sheer fall scarves that barely cover anything, blanket scarves cover EVERYTHING!  They are wide and long amounts of patterned fabric that you can drape around your neck.  You can create new ways to wear them every time and they cover every amount of skin so that the chill wind is no long penetrable.

4. Long SkirtsImageThere’s not a reason not to look and feel feminine even when it’s freezing cold outside.  Don’t feel like you have to go outside wearing a pair of yoga pants, sweats or God forbid, your pajamas bottoms, just to feel warm.  Long skirts reach over your knee cap and flare out.  Opt towards a thick wool skirt or cotton skirt with simple buttons streaming down the middle.  Long skirts are both elegant and simple, but keep it sophisticated.  Pair your skirt with simple or textured tights and pair them with ankle booties.  The key strategy is to balance.  Go for a simple v-neck or light sweater.  You don’t want to pair a chunky sweater with a full skirt, keep the balance.

5. Knee High Cable SocksImageKnee High Cable Socks are the perfect accessory for winter.  You can either end up looking like a Catholic school girl, Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl or create you own style with the wonderful stylish socks.  Not only do the thick cable wool material keep your feet warm and toasty, but they look great with a cute dress or underneath knee high leather boots. Just pull them further than your boots go and scrunch them a little.  It adds a perfect “pop” to your look.  Don’t be afraid to get creative with them.  Use bright colors, argyle patterns or intricate designs to spruce up any outfit.  Any detail makes a lasting impact.

Winter fashion has its pros and cons.  On the plus side, you’re able to dig out your Ugg boots, pea coats and cute scarves and on the other hand, it lasts way too long.  Hopefully these fashion items will make it go by faster.  Or, if you’re someone genuinely enjoys the winter time, the snow falling from the sky, the refreshing evening chill and a warm cup of coffee, then here’s to hoping these fashion items made you love winter even more.

– Camille Sarabia

Warming Up for Fall: Fall Coats

Welcome to November, Redemption readers.  We’re reaching that time where you just want to snuggle up with your Sherpa throw blanket and sip a warm drink of cider or tea while watching your favorite rom-com.  Believe me, I know what you’re feeling.  However, the chilly weather can feel extra special when you have that extra special coat to show off.  This in-between weather can be very confusing.  The 30 to 50 degree temperature rests between thick pea coats and puffers and fall sweaters.  To make your decision easier, I have compiled a list of coats perfect for this weather.

Here it is:

1. The Trench

trench coat

A trench coat is the classic go-to coat for fall weather.  It’s long collar, double breasted buttons, thigh length trim and wrap around belt, create a look of simplicity, classic-ness, and a chic predecessor to your cute outfit underneath.  They look great paired with slim pants or tights and riders boots or booties.

2. The 1/2 Leather

1/2 leather fall jackets

Fall coats with leather sleeves are the perfect way to introduce edgy rocker fashion into your everyday fall look.  It’s the coat that combines the classic embodiment of a great pea coat, especially with it’s simple neck line and pockets, but also introduces another variable of leather that makes you daring and fun.  You are the type of girl who doesn’t always define fashion by the rules.  You mix, create, experiment to create a look that uniquely you.  The 1/2 leather coat does just that and they also seem to be a very popular trend right now.

3. The Chic Quilt

Quilted Jacket

To be honest, I’ve never thought much of these coats before.  I’ve always been a very traditional girl in love with pea coats, but these quilted stitched jackets have made turn a new leaf.  There’s something about them.  I don’t know if it’s the simplicity: the classic three buttons down the middle.  I don’t know if it’s the detail: the quilted pattern that makes it stand out.  The truth is, it’s a very traditional jacket, but it’s not something just reserved for a certain age.  It’s the type of jacket that works for anyone.  It’s pattern, style and simplicity makes it universal for any age range and make it timeless.

Madewell leather purse and Sam Edelman booties

Wear it with your favorite pair of jeans, leather Madewell purse and Sam Edelman suede booties and you have a classic vintage look set.

4. The Color Blocked

color blocked coat

We all know how popular color blocked dresses are.  There’s something that draws the eye to a green dress with a five inch blue trim.  There’s something daring about combining colors together into one piece of clothing to the point where you don’t even know what color it acutally is.  So why should coats be any different?  They’re not.  Adding another coat adds another dimension to the traditional pea coat.  By adding to the simple double breasted wool pea coat different colored sleeves and a trim, you are providing something else for the eyes to look at. It gives you something different, it makes your coat exciting.  Just be careful not to go too crazy with your other colors.  Because your coat already has two colors, you don’t want to wear colored jeans and bright rain boots.  Keep everything else as simple as possible so that your color blocked coat can be the main attraction.

5. The Parka


A parka jacket is the perfect blend of casual/chic.  It’s a traditional casual coat without anything flashy or super nice, but gives the simple look that allows you to be warm, comfortable and still highly fashionable.  The parka also has aspects to form your figure.  Rather than a traditional pea coat that hangs on your body, the parka is loose fitting, has deep pockets and draw strings on the sides that can scrunch the coat and create a look perfect for your figure.  It’s a coat that can be transformed and renewed.

6. The Cape


Oh, how I wish capes were more prominent in everyday fashion.  I love absolutely everything about them.  They are classy, fresh and different.  There is nothing like them.  But there is no excuse to not start the trend yourself.  They create a simple shape hanging off your shoulders.  With intricate detail on the shoulders, on the slits cut for your arms and at the hem, capes are proper coat fit for Kate Middleton to the average middle class woman, you.  They create a look that is timeless from the days of Audrey Hepburn to the most prominent fashionistas of today.

Overall, each fall coat does its duty, warms your body in preparation for this cool weather, but each coat is significant to your personal style.  Whether your a classy trench or cape woman or an edgy more casual type, fall is the in-between season where anything and everything goes.  So, enjoy it all while you can!


Camille Sarabia

It’s That Time: Fall Fashion!

Hi there Redemption Readers!

We hope your Labor Day was filled with lots of fun! Anyone have any exciting stories??? We would love to hear all about it.

Well, as you were enjoying your three-day weekend, barbecuing and soaking up the remainder of summer’s sun we have entered into September. You know what that means: Fall Fashion!

We have compiled a list of five key items you must have for the fall of 2013. Complete with loose and light fabrics, these items are a blend of summer and winter, bringing you a warm yet breezy introduction to the best fall ever.

1. Long Sweaters


Long sweaters are worn for two reasons: for warmth and to add something extra to your look. If your leaving your house around 7 or 8 a.m. it still may be a little chilly outside, but not nearly cold enough for a jacket or thick sweater. Long sweaters fulfill brief fall chill, but they also do something else that is infinitely more important, they add dimension to your look. I always look for a little something extra to add to my outfit. If I’m wearing a dress or a cute pair of shorts, I may add a sheer shirt that buttons down and wear it as a fall jacket or use a light flannel and then take these off later on in the day. They exist to amuse the eyes, to add stature and lengthen your look and are every bit of cuteness. Wear them simple or use a cute belt to tie it. Long Sweaters spark up the outfit and deliver a cuter your for the day.

Tip: Pair it with gladiator sandals or a pair of cute ankle boots

2. Printed Pants:


Printed pants are the talk of 2013. Worn high-waisted, hanging just above your ankles or as loose billowy pants, these printed pants are fun, high-fashion and a form of daring that can never be taken the wrong way. But you must be careful not to go too crazy with them. “With great power comes great responsibility” and these pants definitely command power. Be sure to reign in everything else. Keep your top, jewelry, make up and shoe color choice simple as your pants, and believe me that’s enough, will be the talk of town. Keep your top slimming. Present a balance. For instance, if your pants are slimming or skinny, a billowy or slim top will do, but if you are wearing bottoms with more volume, lower the effects of the top.

Tip: Pair cigarette styled printed pants with stilettos or flats, they cuff above your ankles. Bohemian styled printed pants are a little easier to work with, more casual. They can be paired with a cute toffee or black wedges or a cute sandals.

3. Leather Jackets


Let me just say that I am a huge fans of leather jackets, but here in Indiana, there is a small window to wear them. In the winter we are covered up with so many layers that we loose count and in the summer, well no one wants to be wearing anything with the word “jacket” in it. Fall is the perfect time to unleash the “leather.” Whether you are going for the rocker look or trendy look, leather will do you justice. Because leather jackets are so fierce on their own, I love pairing them with something simple and sweet. Try a summer dress, a maxi skirt with a belt or even your cute printed floral pants.

Tip: The color of your leather jacket means a great deal. Black is more rocker and fierce, red and blue are statement colors, so they should only be worn with softer and neutral colors and toffee leather jackets are great blenders that work well when wanting to bring the “sweet yet edgy” appeal.

4. Ankle Booties


The great thing about ankle booties is that they are universal in footwear. They don’t draw too much attention that say, “what is this girl thinking wearing heels to the supermarket?”, but they also give you enough attention that boosts your outfit. They are not fully high boots, helping you avoid too hot, but they clearly achieve looking chic, fresh and like a person who knows exactly what she’s doing. With so many different styles, it’s hard to choose from. They vary in leather or suede and change from black to brown to tan to toffee, green or whatever color you can think of. I would most likely go with a 1 to 2″ heel that is not too showy, in order to be worn with a pair of cuffed jeans, but one that also does its job by saying, “yes I can pull off heels!”

Tip: Ankle booties are essentially just a little bit of material with a heel that reaches up to your ankle. Because they can generally be chunky, be sure to keep your torso slim. That means pair them with skinny jeans or a pair of tight and keep something fun on top.

5. Fall Scarves


Scarves must be one of my favorite accessories, right up there with belts. Let this be known that these are not the wool scarves you wear in winter time. They are usually made of sheer fabric or thin cotton, but the cool thing about these scarves is how you wear them. I especially have fun with this part. You can wrap them around neck, I like tying them in a bow, or twist them into something creative. Try to use printed scarf, full of color and pattern, that can take a simple 6 rated look and turn it into a stunning 10!

Tip: Watch this video to learn how to style your scarf:

*Most of these items were found by browsing through Pinterest. However, the long floral scarf featured is currently for sale at

Remember: Fall Fashion is what you make of it. Whether it’s flirty, fun, edgy or romantic, make it every bit of you!

Here’s to a better day & a better you!!

– the Redemption Team

& Camille Sarabia

Spring Cleaning…It’s here again.

    Its spring cleaning day at Redemption, and we know how rough it can be to toss some of those sentimental pieces.  Your favorite pair of shoes that the strap broke on, the pair of jeans from high school that don’t fit like they use to, the old prom dress sitting in the back of the closet that you can’t muster the strength to get rid of…..We know how you feel!! And this is why the Redemption Crew has come up with a few simple steps to help you out this spring season. We say out with the old and in with the new!

Step 1:  Make Time

We’re all busy.  I could barely find time to sit down and write this blog.  But guess what? It will be worth it! When you see you closet clean and organized you will feel like accomplished, satisfied, and the conquerer of the world!!! Well that last one may be a bit dramatic, but you get the picture….  And it turns out, once you put your mind to finishing this project, it won’t take near as long as you thought it would.

Step 2: Gather Your Supplies

Now it won’t take much.  A few trash bags, a broom or sweeper, sticky notes (if your OCD like me).  But that is it! Now your ready to get started!!

Step 3: Clear It Out

This is where this project may begin to feel a little daunting, especially for us that haven’t cleaned out our closets in a LONG time.  Take everything out of your closet…Yes I mean everything! No sock left behind!  I like to keep everything on the hangers at this point and put clothes on the bed and accessories and shoes on the floor.

Step 4: Pile It Up

Now that you’ve cleared everything out of your closet it’s time to start sorting everything into piles.  Keep, Donate, Toss. I usually like to keep to the one year rule.  If you haven’t worn an article of clothing in over a year, GET RID OF IT!  Chances are you’ve out grown it. No not physically, but mentally.  Our styles are constantly changing and evolving, so there’s no need to hang on to these out-dated outfits.  You’ve matured and your wardrobe should also!  Donate the items that are still in good condition and toss the ones that are tattered, broken or stained.

Step 5: Vacuum or Sweep

Look at all the space you have now!! The next step in this adventure is to sweep your closet out.  Let’s be honest, how often does that space get a good cleaning…Plus my mom would kill me if I didn’t make this one of the steps.

Step 6: Hang It Up

You now have a perfectly clean closet. How does it feel? Spacious? I hope so! Now is the time to hang and organize.  I like to treat my wardrobe as if it were an precious collection.  You can organize your clothes by style, color, season, whatever works best for you!  This would also be a good time to replace broken hangers…or even splurge on space saving ones.  Trust me they’re a life saver for my tiny closet.

Step 7: Replenish

This is the fun part! Now that you have a perfectly clean and organized closet you can now see where the holes in your wardrobe lie.  So its time to to go shopping and fill those gaps.  Maybe even stop by Redemption and check out our new Spring collection!

We hope that these steps were helpful and make this years Spring Cleaning a little easier to manage.  Let us know which steps were the easiest, hardest, or give us a list of your own rules to closet organization!

xoxo Redemption