The Fragrance of Summer

Everyone knows what summer looks like. A warm afternoon soaking up the sun’s rays on the sandy beach, kids laughing and splashing in the water or eating a slice of watermelon while sitting under a picnic blanket with a straw hat on. It’s easy to picture summer, everyone dreams of it, but what does it smell like. Does it smell like a field of wildflowers, fresh slices of oranges or cucumber or does it smell daring and bold? Here are some of the hit scents for summer and together they represent the overall fragrance of the season.

  1. Vikor and Rolf Flower Bomb1
  2. Immerse yourself in a scent of a garden. Flower Bomb is mixed with Sambac jasmine, centifolia rose, cattleya orchid and ballerina freesia bloom, giving you a fresh romantic scent for summer sun.

    Where you can purchase it: Sephora
    Price: $155.00






  3. Philosophy Amazing Grace
  4. 2

    This scent brings out the natural scent of a woman: beauty and simplicity. With fresh scents of bergamot and muguet blossoms, Amazing Grace has the natural and fresh smell that every woman needs for her summer excursions.

    Where you can purchase it: Sephora
    Price: $16.00







  5. Marc Jacobs Daisy
  6. 3

    A single spritz, produces an instant burst on femininity and elegance. With a flick of your hair, the scent of a timeless floral bouquet of strawberry, violet, grapefruit, jasmine and gardenias are released.

    Where you can purchase it: Sephora
    Price: $75.00





  7. Bombshell Summer
  8. 4

    Victoria Secrets’ summer perfume is their fresh citrus twist on their classic seductive Bombshell. This scent combines what Victoria Secret calls “fresh energy of juicy grape, black currant and Lily of the Valley” and gives you a their exclusive scent for summer

    Where you can purchase it: Victoria Secret
    Price: $52.00






  9. Seacliff Beach Mist
  10. 5

    This scent provides a fresh smell of the sea. Infused with a crisp and addictive scent of nectarine, water lotus and vanilla, Seacliff is the romantic sweet scent of the ocean.

    Where you can purchase it: Hollister Co.
    Price: $12.00






  11. CK One Summer
  12. 6

    Calvin Klein brings their summer scent the only way they know how: with a highly addictive scent that you won’t be able to get enough of. It’s a mix of spicy citrus and a cooling watermelon and refreshing subtle hints of cucumber.

    Where you can purchase it: Calvin Klein
    Price: $52.00






  13. Endless Weekend
  14. 7

    This scent is a decadent mixture of heavenly summer tastes: Raspberry Lychee Sorbet, Sparkling Mandarin, Juicy Nectarine, Apple, Mirabelle Plum. It dips into a long last aroma of wonder.

    Where you can purchase it: Bath and Body Works
    Price: $39.50






  15. Big Pony Collection: RL Blue
  16. 8

    This scent is Ralph Lauren’s colorful, unique and spirited introduction to summer. Varying from scents, each of the four perfume range from romantic to dangerously wild. The RL Blue dazzles the wearer with the mix of sparkling grapefruit and lotus flower.

    Where you can purchase it: Ralph Lauren
    Price: $70.00







  17. Escada’s Born in Paradise
  18. 9

    Born in Paradise sparks the senses with it’s fresh and alluring touch of pineapple, watermelon and guava, blended together with soft and creamy coconut. Together it’s an island paradise.

    Where you can purchase it: Ulta
    Price: $59.00






  19. Salavatore Ferragamo’s Signorina Eleganza
  20. 10

    This scent is pure glamour to Salvatore Ferragamo. It’s elegant, romantic, rich and seductive, but what makes it perfect for summer is that it combines sweet, citrus and creamy all in one. It’s base of pear, grapefruit and almond powder are the perfect elixir.

    Where you can purchase it: Lord and Taylor
    Price: $109.00






Indulge in your favorite scent this summer.


– Camille Sarabia


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