Top 5 Must Needed Items for Winter

Hi there Redemption readers,

The winter weather has not been fair to us this year.  It seems as if, once we get a day warmer than 30 degrees, yes that is now what we equate to warmness, it suddenly hits 15 or lower again.  Once the snow starts to melt, the next day, it will start snowing again.  So how to you survive this never-ending reign of frigid cold weather and still stay fashionable at the same time?  Is there a way?  Here are five key items that you need to survive winter and still look great while doing it.

Here’s How…

1. Pea CoatsImage

There’s no classier way to commemorate the winter than with a very stylish pea coat.  Yes, long puffers are wool capes are now emerging, but nothing can beat the traditional pea coat.  There are just so many to choose from: short, mid-length, black, double breasted, bright red or yellow, plaid and more.  There’s a pea coat for every style.  Whether you are the traditional double breasted pea coat type of girl, the edgy rocker girl who would opt towards a pea coat with leather panels or sleeves or the sweet romantic girl who would most likely wear a coat with a simple peter pan collar and cute little pockets, this jacket is just for you.  And if you think the coat is the best part, wait until you reveal you cute outfit underneath.

2. BeretsImageWhy wear a beanie that doesn’t exactly work well with your leather boots and wool pea coat, when you can go for a much more elegant take on winter head coverings?  Berets are stylish little caps that keep your ears warm and you look still classy.  Grab them in assorted colors for any winter occasion.

3. Blanket Scarvesblanket scarfBlanket scarves are a must-have for this winter season.  Instead of light sheer fall scarves that barely cover anything, blanket scarves cover EVERYTHING!  They are wide and long amounts of patterned fabric that you can drape around your neck.  You can create new ways to wear them every time and they cover every amount of skin so that the chill wind is no long penetrable.

4. Long SkirtsImageThere’s not a reason not to look and feel feminine even when it’s freezing cold outside.  Don’t feel like you have to go outside wearing a pair of yoga pants, sweats or God forbid, your pajamas bottoms, just to feel warm.  Long skirts reach over your knee cap and flare out.  Opt towards a thick wool skirt or cotton skirt with simple buttons streaming down the middle.  Long skirts are both elegant and simple, but keep it sophisticated.  Pair your skirt with simple or textured tights and pair them with ankle booties.  The key strategy is to balance.  Go for a simple v-neck or light sweater.  You don’t want to pair a chunky sweater with a full skirt, keep the balance.

5. Knee High Cable SocksImageKnee High Cable Socks are the perfect accessory for winter.  You can either end up looking like a Catholic school girl, Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl or create you own style with the wonderful stylish socks.  Not only do the thick cable wool material keep your feet warm and toasty, but they look great with a cute dress or underneath knee high leather boots. Just pull them further than your boots go and scrunch them a little.  It adds a perfect “pop” to your look.  Don’t be afraid to get creative with them.  Use bright colors, argyle patterns or intricate designs to spruce up any outfit.  Any detail makes a lasting impact.

Winter fashion has its pros and cons.  On the plus side, you’re able to dig out your Ugg boots, pea coats and cute scarves and on the other hand, it lasts way too long.  Hopefully these fashion items will make it go by faster.  Or, if you’re someone genuinely enjoys the winter time, the snow falling from the sky, the refreshing evening chill and a warm cup of coffee, then here’s to hoping these fashion items made you love winter even more.

– Camille Sarabia


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