Warming Up for Fall: Fall Coats

Welcome to November, Redemption readers.  We’re reaching that time where you just want to snuggle up with your Sherpa throw blanket and sip a warm drink of cider or tea while watching your favorite rom-com.  Believe me, I know what you’re feeling.  However, the chilly weather can feel extra special when you have that extra special coat to show off.  This in-between weather can be very confusing.  The 30 to 50 degree temperature rests between thick pea coats and puffers and fall sweaters.  To make your decision easier, I have compiled a list of coats perfect for this weather.

Here it is:

1. The Trench

trench coat

A trench coat is the classic go-to coat for fall weather.  It’s long collar, double breasted buttons, thigh length trim and wrap around belt, create a look of simplicity, classic-ness, and a chic predecessor to your cute outfit underneath.  They look great paired with slim pants or tights and riders boots or booties.

2. The 1/2 Leather

1/2 leather fall jackets

Fall coats with leather sleeves are the perfect way to introduce edgy rocker fashion into your everyday fall look.  It’s the coat that combines the classic embodiment of a great pea coat, especially with it’s simple neck line and pockets, but also introduces another variable of leather that makes you daring and fun.  You are the type of girl who doesn’t always define fashion by the rules.  You mix, create, experiment to create a look that uniquely you.  The 1/2 leather coat does just that and they also seem to be a very popular trend right now.

3. The Chic Quilt

Quilted Jacket

To be honest, I’ve never thought much of these coats before.  I’ve always been a very traditional girl in love with pea coats, but these quilted stitched jackets have made turn a new leaf.  There’s something about them.  I don’t know if it’s the simplicity: the classic three buttons down the middle.  I don’t know if it’s the detail: the quilted pattern that makes it stand out.  The truth is, it’s a very traditional jacket, but it’s not something just reserved for a certain age.  It’s the type of jacket that works for anyone.  It’s pattern, style and simplicity makes it universal for any age range and make it timeless.

Madewell leather purse and Sam Edelman booties

Wear it with your favorite pair of jeans, leather Madewell purse and Sam Edelman suede booties and you have a classic vintage look set.

4. The Color Blocked

color blocked coat

We all know how popular color blocked dresses are.  There’s something that draws the eye to a green dress with a five inch blue trim.  There’s something daring about combining colors together into one piece of clothing to the point where you don’t even know what color it acutally is.  So why should coats be any different?  They’re not.  Adding another coat adds another dimension to the traditional pea coat.  By adding to the simple double breasted wool pea coat different colored sleeves and a trim, you are providing something else for the eyes to look at. It gives you something different, it makes your coat exciting.  Just be careful not to go too crazy with your other colors.  Because your coat already has two colors, you don’t want to wear colored jeans and bright rain boots.  Keep everything else as simple as possible so that your color blocked coat can be the main attraction.

5. The Parka


A parka jacket is the perfect blend of casual/chic.  It’s a traditional casual coat without anything flashy or super nice, but gives the simple look that allows you to be warm, comfortable and still highly fashionable.  The parka also has aspects to form your figure.  Rather than a traditional pea coat that hangs on your body, the parka is loose fitting, has deep pockets and draw strings on the sides that can scrunch the coat and create a look perfect for your figure.  It’s a coat that can be transformed and renewed.

6. The Cape


Oh, how I wish capes were more prominent in everyday fashion.  I love absolutely everything about them.  They are classy, fresh and different.  There is nothing like them.  But there is no excuse to not start the trend yourself.  They create a simple shape hanging off your shoulders.  With intricate detail on the shoulders, on the slits cut for your arms and at the hem, capes are proper coat fit for Kate Middleton to the average middle class woman, you.  They create a look that is timeless from the days of Audrey Hepburn to the most prominent fashionistas of today.

Overall, each fall coat does its duty, warms your body in preparation for this cool weather, but each coat is significant to your personal style.  Whether your a classy trench or cape woman or an edgy more casual type, fall is the in-between season where anything and everything goes.  So, enjoy it all while you can!


Camille Sarabia


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